That’s Not A Bass

Jaylynn who has become a really good bass player decided she wants to play guitar too. So she grabbed my guitar and had a go. Luckily I had my ipod with me to get some video.


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11 Responses to That’s Not A Bass

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Stevo!! It gunna be dollop proud of me I put some fingerpicking together for a song and it doesn’t sound like a dieing elephant!!!! Anyway does tomorrow after noon 3 sound good or sometime on Sunday??

    • isteve says:

      Sunday is better for me because I have jaylynn, eleanor and nikki that day. But if sunday doesn’t work for you I think 3 saturday is a do’er. Unless it turns out to be a beautiful summer day then I’ll be on the motorcycle till 3 so 3:30 will work.

  2. isteve says:

    I just saw you walking, you were carrying a umbrella.

    Jay and I usually do 1:30. I’ll check with her and post back.

  3. Anonymous says:

    kk, i can do 1:30

  4. Bubbles:) says:

    Hey Steve anyone coming fr a lesson today?

  5. Bubbles:) says:

    Could I come at 1:30 with them?

  6. Bubbles:) says:

    Ok thanks

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