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A Guitarist A Bassist and a Taco Walk Into a Bar…

Ok this was just suppose to be a practice video and not posted till we get it right. But how could I not post a taco with sombrero with a english accent singing WonderWall.

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Spandex and Unicorns

Spandex and Unicorns talk about your mad world. This was our first take on this song I’ll post up another take later, but I don’t think it’ll be much better.

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It’s A Mad World Again

Elle, Nicki,me and special guest on cello Sarah got together to give mad world a try. I had the zoom recorder and made a quick recording. Next week we plan on making a video so come back and check it … Continue reading

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The Family That Plays Together

I just this at the Paramore Youtube page. ¬†They had a Paramore karaoke ¬†contest (paraoke) and the winner was a family band called Spinning Jenny. They rock, check out some of there other videos also.  

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Mike,Mike,Mike… What Day Is It

Weekend music, I think lauren is at soccer camp and jay and I will be doing saturday morning at 10. Elle and maybe nicki the usual time sunday. Haven’t heard from audrey in forever.   So Mike if you want … Continue reading

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