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Slower Pass

Different mix bit slower tempo. Next

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If only I could record at home…

So I did some digging around and found some cool recording software that is cheap or free. First the DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that can be run from a thumbdrive cost money, but not much. It’s called Energy-XT The next … Continue reading

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Take a Pass

Hi guys, I named the song Pass (Paul, Andrew, Savanna, Steve). This is my first mix of the song give it a couple of listens and post any changes you think should be made. I think the beginning is a … Continue reading

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Recording at the School

I just remembered that saturday afternoon I’m supposed to be meeting old friends in Connecticut for lunch. The drummer Paul is going also. Sorry about this. Can we make it for sunday or next weekend instead?

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Remember This

Anybody remember the Tsunami concert at norris a few years ago. Funny how you can only see Jed… Paul, Matt and I aren’t even on camera. Hmmm

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Kids and Quidditch

Paul, I think some sunday I’d like to record a song with my two guitar students. Maybe we could get together at the school. Need it soon because I want it on the quidditch video. I think it’ll be something … Continue reading

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The Hill King

I think this sounds pretty close.

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Jam this weekend?

Anybody want to Jam. Leslie can make it Saturday night, Joe Sunday, James say pick a day, I can do saturday sunday or both days. Anyone else?

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