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Two Not One Hit Wonder

Lauren wrote another great song you know a 12 you don’t want to be just a one hit wonder. Anyway I recorded this on my handy little zoom recorder ran it through garageband quickly. I didn’t ask the name so … Continue reading

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Want Some Jam With That

So how does sunday sound for a little jam. We can use Joe’s classroom, already has a PA and mics set up. We just need to pick a time and maybe set a playlist. Any suggestions? Leave a comment if … Continue reading

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Monthly Music Jam

Last sunday a few of us got together in the music room to jam. Haven’t played together in a very long time but managed to do a few songs. I asked a few others if they would like to play … Continue reading

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This Weekend

Talked to folks about doing some jammin this weekend. Don’t know when or where yet. But just letting everyone know i may be calling….PAUL! you there? Oh this picture has nothing to do with anything. But looked out my back … Continue reading

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Macs and Music

Found this article about musicians and Mac/Garageband. Something I and Savannah new about for a while. Click on me for the story

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Lets Take The Stairs

Though this was worth sharing.

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So if you read my earlier post about me ordering a Fender Telecoustic I mentioned that I wasn’t sure when it will ship. So I just check their site to see if they’re shipping yet and saw this. ………..What ?

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The Alvarez MSD1

Hi lauren this is the guitar I’m selling. It’s a Alvarez MSD1 it is a discontinued model Alvarez is replacing it with a little bit cheaper model. This one has a solid spruce top and solid mahogany sides and back … Continue reading

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