Want Some Jam With That

Dethklok 6

So how does sunday sound for a little jam. We can use Joe’s classroom, already has a PA and mics set up. We just need to pick a time and maybe set a playlist. Any suggestions?

Leave a comment if you can make it and what time would be good.

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28 Responses to Want Some Jam With That

  1. drummer says:

    sunday good for me, with my busy schedule and all.

  2. isteve says:

    cool if lauren and her dad stop by can he sit in on a few songs with your kit?


  3. sguitar says:

    im yours

  4. isteve says:

    “hmm” i was going to add i’m yours but only if you could jam with us. so is that a yes?

    so far i heard from paul and the Mr M’s joe and matt. pati and leslie are maybes and i’ll know if carly can make it tomorrow. would be cool if lauren and her dad could stop by for a few songs also.

  5. drummer says:

    I’ve added two more cymbals to the kit.
    more cowbell 🙂

  6. isteve says:

    No Cowbell!

    maybe have a guest singer show up this sunday. still don’t know about carly her mom said she has been sick.

    we need to pick a time still, weather is suppose to be rain and about 50 so I’ll probably get there early and set some stuff up, i’m going to use mikes amp and want to work on finding a good sound.

    anybody want to try “need somebody” by kings of leon? you can click on the video on the right with paramores cover of the song. super easy guitar.

  7. isteve says:

    Just to let you guys know I’ll be coming in at 1, mia yes mia will be getting here at 2, if matt can make it it’ll be 2, not sure about carly or leslie, pati’s busy not sure what time joe will show and james knows about it think he’ll be here.

    anyone else, i should ask kevin.


  8. drummer says:

    I can be there at 1, with even more cowbell!

  9. isteve says:

    cowbell is highly overrated

  10. sguitar says:

    btw the pic is epic hahaa

  11. isteve says:

    just in case if anyone shows up and can’t get in just knock on joe’s classroom window

  12. sguitar says:

    i’ll be there sometime after one. dont you hate homework?

  13. isteve says:

    i’m doing some homework right now tracking a super nasty windows viruses on one of the classroom dells

    hey mr.M just drove in

  14. isteve says:

    great job guys, savannah and lauren kick butt big time love playing with you guys.

    hope i don’t seem too bossy when we’re learning the songs if i do just let me know, i would hate to turn fun into work 😉

  15. isteve says:

    mia (Ms. C) was sorry she couldn’t make it said she will next time. carly was sick maybe next time also.

  16. lauren says:

    Dude no you werent dont you worry!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. isteve says:

    great, just checking

  18. lauren says:

    OMG im so sorry steve for short notice i cant make it tomorrow ive got soccer, really sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. lauren says:

    Thanks and guess what i made suburban!!

  20. isteve says:

    Great, your so cool.

  21. sguitar says:

    are we going again today?? i have bball at 12

  22. isteve says:

    no i’m raking leaves today, hate leaves if anyone wants to play for a hour or so should be free between 2 and 4. u free anytime wednesday?

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