Post Audio

So now you know how to post youtube video I’ll show you  how I post audio that plays in the post.

Here is a old song I played on with some girl from Colorado. Done over the internet.

The mp3 file  is on my charter internet service free space. Just about all ISPs (internet services providers) host some space on the net for it’s customers. This is what it looks like if you don’t add a html page to the space. Click here to see

Here is what the post looks like as html. Click on picture to make it bigger.

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6 Responses to Post Audio

  1. patruskins says:


    Do you guys want to try this with New City? (working on it over the internet)

    Got the lyrics worked out and my FastTrack Audio is set up and running. I guess I record the lead vocals here and post them somewhere?

  2. patruskins says:

    So Capitain, do you want to give this a try? Yeah? No?

  3. artifact8 says:

    pati- did you post an audio file here, somewhere?

  4. isteve says:

    I suppose we could give this a try. Would you like me to do a basic rhythm track then you could put vocals on that.

  5. patruskins says:

    Don’t sound so enthusiastic. But, yeah that would be good.

    Lelsie: No audio file yet, waiting for the rhythm track.

  6. artifact8 says:

    I thought I was missing something

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