Nice job on Colliding


So we play collide and it sounded good… the singer leaves for forty minutes we play collide again it sounds great! Nice job Lauren and wow Carly don’t know what you taught her but wow. We got another one next week.

And savannah hope you can post a mp3 of your song. If you do I’ll download it and drop the intro on it that andrew played (I’m pretty sure I remember it). Maybe we can even get paul to download it an put some drums on it… yea right.

What was the song andrew wanted to learn?

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30 Responses to Nice job on Colliding

  1. sguitar says:

    thats my pic! lol. ok. FCP Remix (its complicated)

  2. isteve says:

    yep, I cropped it a little

    so is F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X from Fall of Troy?

    I didn’t know they were still together.

  3. isteve says:

    lot of guitar effects.

  4. sguitar says:

    got a router lol

  5. sguitar says:

    do macs have anit-virus software???

  6. isteve says:


    yes they do but you don’t need it. There are no viruses that effect the Mac.

    There are a few exploits that you could get but you have to install them yourself and give it your password. These are found on sites I’m sure you won’t be visiting and your smart enough to not install anything you didn’t download. Also as soon as someone writes a apple exploit apple patches it with a software update.

    As long as you run software update every few weeks your safe.

  7. isteve says:

    Oh yea, having a router is also a great way to protect yourself from many bad guys getting to your Windows PC and Mac. The router is a firewall it will not let anything talk to your computers unless your computer ask for something.

    What router did you get?

  8. isteve says:

    I just learned the main riff for F.C.P…… it’s pretty much just Am scale some distortion and a lot of echo. I’ll post a video on how i’m playing it when I get more comfortable with it.

    • sguitar says:

      andrew doesnt know it will be up though and he wants to learn it, should i tell him???

      • isteve says:

        Sure I’ll record and post the main riff later today. Chorus part has a lot of notes probably won’t get to that yet got to change oil in my car and wash it.

  9. lauren says:

    Thanks steve and i agree carly is wicked goodshe taugt me aton also ive practiced the guitar song we wrote my mom said im improving by a long shot.

  10. isteve says:

    Your a good student, enjoy teaching you.

    And again great job singing collide, any other songs you would like to sing?

  11. we could try second chance by shinedown or im yours its my favirote song it by jason mraz also ive been practicing the guitar song and im getting good not kidding. thanks for getting carly for me. also do you like my newe lyrics on the song? 🙂

  12. isteve says:

    Lauren check out this version of second chance by a youtuber

    i’m yours is no problem we all know it inside and out.

    it’s great to hear that your practicing guitar, won’t be long till you will be singing and playing.

    I’ll really like the lyrics when I can hear you sing them

  13. thanks i cant wait i just gotto keep practicing.

  14. sguitar says:

    no surprise by daughtry is a good song too

  15. sguitar says:

    i will record “the song” i dont have a chorus. yet.

  16. sguitar says:

    how do you film on screen action??

  17. isteve says:

    First what are you trying to capture?

  18. isteve says:

    Videos are best to download I can show you how to do that.

    Capturing other stuff you need a screen capture program. I use Snapz Pro that cost money and there is a great free one called Jing.

    The next version of os x (coming september) will have it built in.

  19. isteve says:

    Wait did you just want to take a still picture?

    Command shift 3 for full screen and command shift 4 to get crosshairs and drag to pic size. Then just paste command V into whatever.

  20. sguitar says:

    ok. are you bringing your recording stuff????????? or me?

  21. isteve says:

    I will but bring a flash drive and you can take a copy of the project home

  22. isteve says:

    I’m leaving for the school now, got to stop at store and turn AC down in Mr H’s classroom. Lindsey’s lesson at 1.

    And if you don’t have a extra flash drive I got plenty at the school.

  23. sguitar says:

    i have one.

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