last minute

Well talent show is next week and the staff act this year will be a performance of Land of a 1000 dances. Not sure if we be able to practice all together but it’s not really a song that need much practice. Anyway need to know if drummer is up for it and if drummer wants to run through it this sunday.

Also lauren and I went over a few songs tonight. She sang Tracy Chapman’s Change and sounded incredible.

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24 Responses to last minute

  1. tonyaisinnocent says:

    Hey Steve. Noticed you took a day off…. sunny, not too hot. Nicely done!

    Just wanted to remind you about the Sunday James Jam at 2:00… Please let me know as soon as you can if you guys cannot make it.


    Friend of Tonya

  2. drummer says:

    I can make it.

  3. isteve says:

    See you guys at 2

    drummer, do you know the song land of a 1000 dances maybe we can go over it a little sunday.

  4. drummer says:

    na na na na na ,na na na na na na na na na na!

  5. drummer says:

    na na naaaa!

  6. drummer says:

    na. I think I got all of them!

    • Tonyaisinnocent says:

      Sounds great! See you guys tomorrow at 2:00.

      Steve, would love for you to bring your recording stuff and your mic…. and your bass and your electric guitar and maybe your acoustic….. maybe we can record a new song if you like it.

  7. Lauren A says:

    hey do u wanna practice tomorrow at six thirty?

  8. isteve says:

    sure sounds good I text jaylynn see if she can join us.

  9. isteve says:

    Hey drummer looks like sunday will be a nice day so I think I’ll be going for a long motorcycle ride so won’t be recording at james unless we get together around 5.

  10. Please read. says:

    hey stevo i called u twice but u didnt pick up but i cant make music tonight im so angry. so! i planned ahead so this wouldnt happen again. I could possibly do monday at six thirty but my bball prac shedule hasnt come out so i cant say. Secondly if that doesnt work i can do wednesday at 6:30. I will be notified when i my practices are either late tonight or tomorrow. Ive also collected the following songs that we could do which is the dog days are over, then change, imagine, and roses makes smiles. Also if monday and wednesday both turn out with no basketball i can do both days. Because i couldnt make it today. I greatly appreciate all the time and effort you’ve halped me with guitar and im very sorry for not notifying you sooner on how i couldnt make music. Thank you so much steve and im so very sorry for not telling you about this sooner. I also can do sunday but i think u might be going on a motorcycle ride. So whenevers good for you. sorry for not being able to make it.

    • isteve says:

      Got your voicemail, u leave long messages. Wednesday may work check here to make sure.

      Jaylynn is coming and maybe Mr. M to add some accordion.

  11. Please read. says:

    Oh and I forgot I think im in the process of coming up with a new song!! (and its words so far are perfect for the concert!!)

  12. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    4:30 sounds good to me on Sunday…. How about the drummer?

  13. drummer says:

    Too late for me. We’ll have to wait for the next bad weather Sunday. 🙂

  14. drummer says:

    Ha, I made a smiley!

  15. isteve says:

    What about 3:30?

  16. lorenzo says:

    Kool sorry for the rlyyyyyyy long message

  17. isteve says:

    Before this gets any more confusing

    Drummer / Tonyaisinnocent How about Sunday 3:30

    Lorenzo Wednesday 6:30

  18. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    That works for me….. Drummer? Good afternoon to sit on porch as well….

  19. drummer says:

    Steve called, cut his ride short, So we’ll be there at 3:00!

  20. Tonyaisinnocent says:

    sounds fine. maybe start with bongos on the porch…..

  21. Lauren A says:


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